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We welcome groups


Following the government directives,

the groups service is only available by email on

If you arrive by coach, or car, by motorbike or bicycle, at Verdun we have a whole army of accommodation providers, restaurant owners and tourism specialists, waiting to give you a warm welcome. Because here of all places, the morale of the troops means something!

Discover the different package tours we can offer you in Verdun!


You are a group of 20 or more travelling, or a school party? We take care of all your arrangements!

Groups of adults
groupe adulte

Discover the tours and accommodation offers for groups of more than 20 travelling together.

School parties
Groupes scolaires

Tours, itineraries and educational visits intended for schools, colleges and lycées, dealing with historical, cultural and memorial themes.


Download our brochures.

Our brochures

Did you know?

Hairy men with no beards!


In popular imagination the word "Poilu" has been misinterpreted for many years. The first gas masks appeared in response to the first poison gas attacks in 1915. In order for the masks to fit correctly on the soldiers’ faces, the French High Command recommended that the men closely shave their facial hair.

So in reality the word “Poilu” came to mean a brave and fearless soldier.